New Construction

Buying a new home in Orlando

Builders are back in Business – – New construction offers the best deal on the market, especially in the Orlando Area and surrounding counties.

1.) Do I need a real estate agent to represent me? Why?
Yes, Why, simple the agent in the sales office represents the builder, yes, that nice person Only represents the interest of the Seller in your case the builder.

2.) Does each builder have a sales person in their model?
Yes, The sales associate signing the contract for sale and purchase represents the seller exclusively in connection to the transaction and DOES NOT REPRESENT OR PURPORT TO REPRESENT YOU THE BUYER. Who is looking out FOR YOUR INTERESTS?

in simple terms this means the  very hospitable sales person is working exclusively for the seller or builder. The tour of the model with chocolate chip cookies and soft drinks and toys for your kids to stay busy,they are not in any way there to represent you the buyer.

3.) I don’t want to pay the extra money for a real estate agent services to assist me.
The commission for services by any real estate agent is PAID COMPLETELY by the builder/seller. You will never be charged a fee for bringing your own representation.

4.) The sales person can do everything a real estate agent can do for me. NOT TRUE!
Do you have a house to sell? You need a real estate agent with the experience, that can coordinate and assist the builder/seller on your house selling, maybe even talking about the different types of financing that may assist you.

Don’t have a house to sell? I have in the past negotiated on behalf of the buyer significant reduction in sales price or increased incentives for my clients on new home purchases.

What can you expect from me as YOUR agent.

► Experience

► Superior real estate knowledge

► Exclusively Represent You the Buyer, I will stand side by side to represent YOUR best interest in the purchase of your new home.

► I will provide you with recent research on current real estate market conditions, builder pricing, comparable housing options to ensure that you are receiving a competitive deal from the builder.

► We will sit down and read through the entire contract 70 – 80 pages plus and any special conditions, learn the logos, slang- For ex: change orders, elevations, different cost associated with different plans. I will point out important info, notes and answer any questions. (and You Will).

► I will educate, inform, teach and walk you through the entire process, from signing the contract, providing financing options, upgrades, paperwork, the building process. Throughout the whole process with many moving parts, Keeping you informed at all times.